Visible Mending

In Japanese, boro literally means “rags, scraps or tattered” items. Boro mending techniques were used by Japanese peasants during the 17th-19th centuries. Laws at the time prohibited the poor to access fine silk and cotton fabrics. They patched their clothing and household items with scraps of fabric on hand.

During the 20th century, modernization meant more people could afford to purchase new textiles, and boro fell out of favor. 

Visible Mending

Boro mending has made a resurgence in the past several years. Now, original boro creations are admired as cultural artifacts. 

Boro mending is also is gaining popularity as many of us try to consume less. Boro represents a no-waste aesthetic where nothing is thrown away – even scraps are precious.  

Visible Mending

I have a growing collection of vintage Japanese fabrics to use for boro hand mending. Also, you may choose from a variety of stitch patterns known as sashiko or Japanese embroidery. I have several colors of thread available to give your garment a traditional or more updated look.

Contact me using the form below and we can arrange a time to talk about your items and how you’d like to transform them.

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